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Write the principle and uses of hot air oven.

Hot air oven

Hot air oven is the best apparatus for dry heat sterilization.It is a double walled metal chamber which is electrically heated.The fan or turbo blower fixed inside the chamber assists the uniform circulation of hot air.

Principle of hot air oven

Temperature needed in hot air oven is 160 degree celsius  for one hour.Spore are also killed at this temperature.To guard against temperature variations air should be made to circulate by a suitable fan.

Uses of hot air oven:

Hot air oven is used for sterilization of-

  1. Sterilization of glassware,such as all glass syringes,test tubes,petri dishes,pipettes,flasks and instruments like forceps,scissors,knives,scalpels etc.
  2. Sterilization of powders,fats,oils and greases which are impermeable to moist heat.
  3. Sterilization of cotton swabs.
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