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The Clavicle

The clavicle is One type of long bone.

It has two ends:

1) The Lateral end or  Aercomial end

2) The Medial end or Sternal end.

The Acromial end :

It is flattened from above downwards .It bears facet That articulates with the acromion process of the Scapula to from the acromioclavicular joint.

The Sternal  end :

It is quadrangular and articulates with the clavicular notch of the manubrium sterni to form The Sterno- clavicular joint.


The clavicle has one shaft :

Shaft :

The shaft is divisible into the Lateral 1/3 and the Medial 2/3.

The Lateral 1 /3  of The shaft is flattened from above downwards.

The Clavicle has two borders :

1) Anterior border

2) Posterior border

The Anterior border : 

The Anterior border is concave  forwards.

The posterior border :

The Posterior border convex backwards.


It has two surface:

1) Superior surface

2) Inferior surface

Inferior surface :

It has one elevation . Its name is conoid tubercle and one ridge its  name is trapezoid ridge.

Medial 2 / 3 has four surfaces and present subclavian groove.

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