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The Carpal bones :

The carpus is made up of 8 carpal bones, which are arranged in              

Two rows :           

  • 1) Proximal row
  • 2) Distal row

Proximal row has four bones :  

  • 1) The Scaphoid
  • 2) Lunate
  • 3) Triquetral
  • 4) Pisiform

    Distal row has four bones :         

    • 1) The Trapezium
    • 2) Trapezoid
    • 3) capitate
    • 4) Hamate
    carpal bones
    Name of carpal bones

    The Metacarpal bones

    These are 5 (Five) miniature long bones, which are numbered from lateral to the medial side.

    Here are the names of the five metacarpal bones :

    • Metacarpal I – Thumb
    • Metacarpal II – Index finger
    • Metacarpal III – Middle finger
    • Metacarpal IV – Ring finger
    • Metacarpal V – Little finger

    The metacarpal bones are numbered from 1 to 5, starting with the thumb and ending with the little finger. They are long bones that articulate proximally with the carpal bones of the wrist and distally with the proximal phalanges of the fingers. The metacarpal bones are responsible for providing support and movement to the fingers.

    metacarpal bones
    metacarpal bones

    The Phalanges :

    There are 14 phalanges in each hand, 3 for each finger and 2 for the thumb. Each phalanx has a base, a shaft and a head.

    Phalanges bones

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